The big brands continue to dominate the top ten branded activity chart with Nestlé having been in first place for the previous five issues (since 29 July 2006).

Nestlé's dominance is primarily due to its ongoing promotional offers across its cereal range. This week Nestlé has cereal promotions in Somerfield, Sainsbury's and ­Morrisons, all of which favour the x for y mechanic. In Asda, Nestlé's offers include both the confectionery and frozen categories, again using the x for y mechanic on its ice cream range and Kit Kat bars.

Tesco and Morrisons have buy-one-get-one-free promotions on Nestlé chilled desserts, including Sveltesse yoghurts and Aero chocolate mousse, and Sainsbury's and Morrisons have offers in the confectionery category with Nestlé's Kit Kat and Aero.

The Birds Eye brand has also been a major player in the top ten overall branded chart, securing a place in the top five throughout the past five weeks. This week sees Birds Eye in second place with promotions across three of the five retailers, with ­Somerfield and Morrisons using the save mechanic and Asda the x for y.

Coca-Cola is the only brand in the top ten branded activity chart to have offers across all five retailers using a variety of mechanics. Asda and Morrisons both used the x for y mechanic, with Asda's 4 x 2-litre at £4.00 having the greatest saving. Somerfield had x for y and extra-free offers with Tesco's offer being half price on 6 x 125ml.

Kellogg's is in top place in the grocery chart this week, and resides in fourth place in the overall branded chart, with offers across its cereal range in four of the five retailers using the save and x for y mechanics.

In fifth place this week is Heinz, which has only been in the top ten branded chart twice over the past five weeks. Somerfield has an extra-free offer on Heinz salad cream and tomato sauce, with Morrisons favouring x for y and Asda using the save mechanic on Heinz pasta meals.