Jeyes' Bloo in-cistern toilet cleaner returns to TV this week in its first national campaign for 20 years ­ part of a £2m brand relaunch that includes repackaging, reformulation and two new blocks on the block. The new boys are the Crystal Clear sub brand in Citrus and Summer Breeze variants and Bloo Max longer lasting block. Bloo blocks are renamed as Bloo Original, while reformulated blue and green Bloo blocks now prevent limescale. New packaging sports a Kills germs' flash and swirls to indicate freshness. The two ads ­ for Citrus Clear in hard water areas and Bloo/Bleach in soft ­ feature the voice of camp comedian Julian Clary as a fastidious toilet ­ a role previously filled by the late Kenneth Williams in the 1979 versions. The ads kick off on July 17 for two weeks and run on alternate weeks until September. Further ads are due next year. The main targets are mothers with children and lapsed users. Household penetration of in-cistern toilet cleaners is relatively low at around 30%. "The market needs impetus to keep the brands relevant," said Jeyes marketing director Stephen Bolton. Rsp: 99p single; £1.65 twin packs; Bloo Max £2.49. {{P&P }}