The FWD has launched a guidance document for inde­pendent retailers covering the ready-to-drink market.

The document, which is free to wholesalers and retailers, is part of the Federation of Wholesale ­Distributor's Take Home Blueprint scheme, which guarantees increases in sales for retailers implementing it.

Alan Toft, chairman of the scheme, said: "It's easy for retailers to become overwhelmed at the choices available. The Blueprint helps them tailor their range to balance branded products with wholesaler exclusives."

The Blueprint covers new varieties from key brands such as WKD and Red Square Juiced, as well as RTD brands due to be launched, such as Quinn's, Slate 20 and Classic Mix pre-mixed drinks.

"It is a rapidly changing category, where recent trading can be monitored together with consumer demand to provide evidence of new products making their mark," said Toft.

A new edition of the Take Home Blueprint for ales, lagers and ciders will be launched in September.