Pity the Blair baby didn't arrive on Tuesday evening. That way those of us who crammed into a posh Park Lane hotel for the CBI dinner might have been spared Tony Blair's impression of Rory Bremner impersonating Tony Blair. Given the tabloid and tv hype in preceding days it was hardly an Oscar winning performance. The hair wasn't quite right for one thing and, as for the smile, surely it should have been broader? Mind you, biggest surprise for me was the absence of so many of grocery's great and good. True, there was a fair sprinkling of suppliers there to moan about the level of the pound but it was left to Sainsbury's Sir Peter Davis to share guinea fowl and pears in red wine with New Labour's finest on the top table. (Come to think of it, where were the Tories?) Sir Peter spent the evening beaming at all and sundry with a confident grin designed to send a defiant message to Terry, Allan, Carlos and Co. "Watch your backs, guys! I'm back!" But the real fun came at the end of the bash when the fat cats of industry poured into Park Lane to search for their luxury limos. Very few BMWs in sight of course (perhaps as well, really, as Stephen Byers was a VIP guest). But, alas, the security minded boys in blue, since the PM was around, had scattered many of the chauffeur driven Rollers and Jags far and wide across the West End. Great fun watching the tux-clad CEOs search for their posh carriages while the rest of us humble mortals strolled off to the Tube. Mind you, that wasn't as uncomfortable as coping without any ice on the first morning of the London International Wine Trade Fair. It didn't help that it was one of the hottest days of the year. Glass of warm chardonnay anyone? {{COUNTERPOINT }}