One enduring image from the foot and mouth crisis has been the sight of grocery spokespersons hurrying in and out of tv and radio studios in a bid to enlighten uninformed broadcasting hacks and manic DJs-turned-almost-serious-presenters about the effects of the tragedy on our food supply. So The Grocer team pays tribute to Safeway's ubiquitous Kevin Hawkins who has done such a sterling job as an intelligent presenter of the facts this week. If ever this beleaguered industry wanted an official PR man ­ and maybe that day's not too far away ­ the Safeway guy would surely be the number one contender. On the other hand, countless tv and radio appearances this week have had a strange effect on our esteemed editor. He's taken to wearing telly make-up for most of his working day ("It saves time, and you hardly notice it away from the studio lights.") Oh yes? So why did two seriously frightened rail passengers jump out of their seats when he sat next to them after a BBC appearance! Robert Ireland, Coca-Cola UK vice sales and marketing director, got a similarly cool response at the Wholesale Confectionery and Tobacco Alliance annual dinner this week. His assurances of Coca-Cola's commitment to wholesale drew no more than a reluctant riplet of applause, perhaps he should have taken a leaf out of cabaret act Dave Wolfe's book- he was cheered by the tobbaco-ites for smoking on stage. Gallaher md Barry Jenner also went down well. Comparing the UK to the US, his post Budget analysis was: "In the UK we've got Tony Blair, no cash no hope, and no wonder." {{COUNTERPOINT }}