It was reassuring to note I was not the only one to be intrigued by the Food Standards Agency's natty logo, which looks to all intents and purposes like two forks on a green plate. Some of those at this week's launch demanded FSA head Sir John Krebs explain what it all meant. He said it was a post modern design, symbolic of the linkages through the food chain. Or something. Sir John did admit it had been pointed out the logo was reminiscent of Little Chef's. The other logo in the news is the NFU's British Farm Standard mark. At this point I should warn you it cannot be called a kitemark', because as the NFU's Ben Gill discovered, this is registered by the BSI, which is being very protective about who uses it. But that was the least of Ben's worries last week. When I met him the day before the prime minister's farm crisis summit he was still waiting to hear whether the new logo had been given the final go ahead by Brussels (I understand they were being really pernickety about the wording and the need for it to be on two decks). Worse still, he had worked out it would be nigh on impossible for the PM to make the official launch of the mark in May, because it coincided with the birth of the Blairs' fourth child. Such niceties were lost on the hacks attending the farm crisis summit itself. They were more upset at being locked into a small room in MAFF. Those attempting to communicate with the outside world via mobiles were rapped over the knuckles by roaming heavies. And those needing to use Her Majesty's facilities were firmly escorted there and back. "It's like being back in a school exam", said one reporter, panicking about looming deadlines. {{COUNTERPOINT }}