Nice to see Mr Vandevelde and his posse of M&S directors modelling the latest in M&S's menswear at the M&S interim results presentation this week. When they stood up to reveal the shirts and ties under the smart suits, I was a little worried that we were going to get a Full Monty performance. Fortunately the Boris Yeltsin lookalike and his crew decided against exposing the full depth of their loyalty. That well known food personality AN Other was spotted at the Dairy Industry Federation lunch this week. No fewer than four times, in fact, masquerading as a Member of Parliament, a MAFF official, an NFU staff member and even as a member of the organisation Unknown'. Such high profile anonymity is impressive, as is this individual's appetite, since Other appeared on four different tables. A hard act to follow indeed. Joined the bootleggers on a quick trip across the Channel this week to Dave West's Eastenders booze hypermarket in Calais, all in the cause of GrocerTV. But the funniest sight during my visit came courtesy of a well heeled lady, obviously from the posher regions of the Home Counties. After pouring out of her gleaming Rover, she proceeded to fill her trolley with draught Guinness, on offer at £17 for 24x 44cl. But when she encountered a display of Mr West's famously named Dog's Bollocks wine ­ available at the special price of £6 for six bottles ­ her affable demeanour changed. Sniffing haughtily to her companion, she muttered "disgusting" and strutted swiftly on to the Chablis. However, 10 minutes later, when the aisle was quieter, I spotted her craftily purchasing four cases of the aforementioned vino. Well, they say the rich love a bargain. {{COUNTERPOINT }}