OK, so twelfth night is here, but memories of the festive bashes linger. My eardrums still ache from the pounding they received at the IGD's whacky Glitter Ball. The sound system at that Park Lane hostelry makes the phrase ghettoblaster redundant, and could explain why so many of grocery's great and good piled into the London night rubbing their ears. That said, the ball raised a massive £200,000 for Grocery Aid with what easily ranks as one of the industry's most entertaining nights out. The NGBF president's carol concert, at St Luke's, Chelsea, takes our award for the best new industry bash. It was good to see so many competitive grocery folk go all dewey-eyed, grit their teeth and stand shoulder to shoulder with rivals to belt out Good King Wenceslas. However, the evening will really be remembered for a display of hitherto unsung talent by Waitrose md David Felwick. He drew a resounding round of applause from the 500-strong congregation for his reading of AA Milne's King John's Christmas ­ a performance that would have put many a professional actor in the shade. So, what's next David? The Old Vic? Or does Hollywood beckon? And so to a final memory from Christmas. In a year when much of the media was left with egg on its face after their Rip-off jibes at the food industry, an earnest TV reporter rang our editor on December 23 to ask for a comment on "Wal-Mart's first year running Safeway". Some things never change! {{COUNTERPOINT }}