Burton's Foods is throwing a multimillion pound marketing and promotion package behind age-old special treat snack Cadbury Fingers. The company, which produces the almost-centenarian biscuit brand under licence from Cadbury, is adding a new Caramel Finger variant and £3m worth of TV ads to its armoury. New packaging ­ featuring a more explosive-looking' design and a more childlike logo ­ is also included across the range, as well as instore and on-pack promotions. The series of TV ads kicks off next week. Entitled It's a finger thing', the four executions follow the story of a Thumb character's aspirations to become just like the more popular finger. Cathy McGinnis, brand manager, said the ads and marketing activity would make the brand seem even less formal and would boost usage. Caramel Finger ­ a biscuit finger covered in caramel and Cadbury's chocolate ­ joins the Milk Chocolate, Extra Crunchy and White varieties. All are available in 125g cartons in cases of 24 (rsp: 99p). {{P&P }}