Camelot has pledged to track down 23,000 national lottery retailers who were overcharged by nearly £156,500 because of faulty software in their terminals. The overcharging took place between 1994 and 1998. A lottery spokeswoman said every effort would be made to trace and compensate those who had moved on in the intervening years. Players also lost out when the G-Tech system generated two tickets instead of one, and cut the prize funds by a total of £56,839. A players' compensation package will see £115,000 put into the Match 4' prize fund for the draw on April 28. A former G-Tech employee brought the software problem to light in May 2000, sparking a major investigation by the Lottery Commission. It instructed Camelot to analyse over 14 billion transactions from November 1994 to July 1998 when G-Tech secretly corrected the problem. After the problem came to light Camelot acquired G-Tech's UK assets and staff for the national lottery and took over deployment of software and fault rectification. Camelot said: "We have worked on developing and implementing safeguards to ensure this can never happen again." {{NEWS }}