Camelot is putting the finishing touches on preparations to rename and relaunch the National Lottery next month. Industry sources have told The Grocer that the National Lottery will be renamed Lotto, and that Camelot will be spending £80m above and below the line on the relaunch. A Camelot spokeswoman confirmed a high profile relaunch in May will be intended to refresh the Lottery brand and boost flagging ticket sales as Camelot goes into its second licence period. She said: "The relaunch will be used to introduce many new concepts and formats for the Lottery games. "We are planning a big relaunch TV and press advertising campaign for the start of May." Details of instore promotional activity and how the relaunch will affect retailers are still being kept under wraps, and there will be a major presentation to the trade on April 29. But it is believed there are plans to trial multimedia units ­ dubbed e-media screens by Camelot ­ on top of Instants dispensers. Since it won its second seven-year licence last year Camelot has already revealed a tranche of plans to boost ticket sales. These include invoking a sales targets clause of its contract with retailers for the first time. Retailers who do not make over £1,500 in ticket sales a month face losing their terminals if they fail a 24-week sales improvement programme. Five hundred are already on probation. Camelot is also cracking down on underage sales by doubling Operation Child visits, and is known to be looking at retailer incentives to encourage add-on sales. It plans to invest £2,500 per retailer in PoS, marketing, and instore furniture each year. And it plans to build awareness of best practice this year with a retailer rally initiative. Up to 200 retailers a time will be asked to meet representatives from Camelot at the half-day workshops to share ideas for building lottery business. {{NEWS }}