The first bottled water with carbon-neutral status is set for launch in the UK. Icelandic Glacial is sourced and bottled at Ölfus Spring in Iceland and has received certification from the CarbonNeutral Company for its production techniques and shipping methods. Only geothermal and hydroelectric energy is used in production and the producer, Icelandic Water Holdings, makes use of empty cargo slots on scheduled ships to cut food miles. The water is available in 500ml, 750ml and one-litre bottles, which feature pictures of an iceberg to reinforce the glacial image. The brand, launched in the US two years ago, has already built a low profile here, through events with Cancer Research, The Red Cross and the Prince's Trust. It has listings at Whole Foods Market and Fresh & Wild, as well as at the Dorchester Hotel but Patrick Racz, chief operating officer at Icelandic Water Holdings, said a deal was being finalised with a national retailer. However, Racz also said he did not see Icelandic Glacial as a mainstream brand: "We're looking for an aspirational feel, so it's not going to be available everywhere." The UK launch follows the news last month that Icelandic Water Holdings had agreed a US distribution deal with beer giant Anheuser-Busch, which also bought a 20% equity interest in the company. Racz is confident the brand can replicate its US success in a UK category growing 11% year-on-year. "Based on our performance in the US, we know we can deliver here," he said. "Consumers are seeking out products that look good and make them feel good. "We're realistic about our expectations, but we're looking for a top five position among imported bottled waters in the next three years." The company has recently moved its bottle production to one facility to further reduce carbon emissions. "We've been environmentally conscious from day one and we consider ourselves market leader," said Racz. "We set out to have a net zero effect on the environment and we can achieve that."