The image of the sales profession is changing. The fact that it is even considered a profession is evidence of progress itself. The sharp suit clad salesmen grinning from ear to ear with a good line in patter are a thing of the past. According to Argot Recruitment, specialists in sales and marketing, organisations are now looking for a new breed of salespeople. Argot md Peter Murray, said: "Salespeople have been guilty of making a sale at any cost and then providing little after-sales service to maintain accounts. The salesperson's interest evaporates as soon as the commission appears." The important qualities managing directors and sales directors are looking for are good product knowledge or the ability to learn quickly, communication skills and dedication. They also want commitment ­ not someone who just wants to get rich quick'. According to Murray, there is now an increasing level of interest from graduates. "It's encouraging to see high calibre candidates are choosing sales as a career. We advise them to beware of ads offering unrealistic on target earnings, long term, It's more important to work for a reputable company." Independent training is also proving increasingly popular. Murray recommends contacting the Chartered Institute of marketing and the Institute of Professional Sales for details. "A professional qualification will not replace experience but it can be useful when starting or changing career." Sales is also a flexible environment. Take the case of Robin Moore, national sales manager for Mr Lazenby's, the sausage makers. In his mid-30s and after workingin sales in London for several years Moore changed company to work in the food industry in Teesside. He believes that creativity, determination and market focus have been essential to building his successful career in sales. Moore said: "When I was looking for a new company, the incentives package was competitive but this was not as important as the long term prospects at the company. "I would advise anyone entering the profession or looking at a new position, to consider carefully what they are hoping to achieve and not to just look at the short term financial gains." {{PEOPLE MOVES }}