Compassion In World Farming has won a £2.3m grant it claims will improve the lives of millions of intensively farmed animals.

The donation by The Tubney Charitable Trust sees CIWF move a considerable way towards its overall target of £4.7m in funding. The money will be used to expand the charity's team, which holds talks with retailers and manufacturers over sourcing policies.

A network of staff across Europe will also be established to talk to supermarkets such as Carrefour, Lidl and Metro about animal-welfare-friendly systems.

CIWF, which already runs an annual Good Egg Awards, plans to roll the scheme out across Europe, as well as introduce Good Pigs and Good Chicken awards from 2010. "Our programme, with the additionand funding that the Tubney Charitable Trust has provided, can help transform farm animal welfare," said chairman Rene Olivieri.