Independent retailer Chris Kiley has become so enraged at his newspaper distributor that he has taken his complaint to the Office of Fair Trading. The MD of South Wales-based CK’s Supermarkets claimed Menzies Distribution had provided an unsatisfactory service, but that his hands were tied as there was no competition to switch to.

He claimed deliveries were late, he couldn’t return unsold magazines in time to get a refund, complaints were not dealt with properly and he was delivered products he had not ordered and did not want.

“I am going mad dealing with this company. They don’t listen to us and we don’t seem to be getting anywhere,” said Kiley. Kiley’s complaint came as the OFT was due to deliver its judgement on the newstrade sector. The verdict could bring an end to what retailers see as wholesalers’ monopoly positions.

“The current situation prevents competition between wholesalers and deprives retailers of quality service,” said John Lennon, MD of the Association of News Retailing.

A Menzies Distribution spokesman said Kiley’s complaint was being looked into.