Manufacturers and retailers will find out at the end of next month whether they will be forced to slash fat and sugar levels in products.

The FSA will publish its long-awaited strategy for saturated fat and energy - and the industry will be braced for a tussle over reformulation similar to that seen for salt.

"The levels of saturated fat and sugar in some of the key contributors to the diet are being explored as part of this strategy, taking account of food safety and feasibility issues," said an FSA spokeswoman. "Currently the strategy is scheduled to be published for wide consultation at the end of March for a period of 12 weeks."

Last year we revealed the FSA had already told manufacturers of meat products such as pork pies that they should expect to be asked to reduce fat levels (The Grocer, 14 October, p6).

Meanwhile, phase three of the FSA's campaign to encourage the public to cut salt consumption will begin on 19 March with a new TV advert. Focusing on ready meals, pasta sauces, sandwiches and pizzas, it will tell viewers that 75% of the salt they eat is already in everyday foods.

The latest drive is part of FSA plans to reduce average salt consumption to 6g a day by 2010. It is currently analysing the results from a nationwide urinary sodium survey.