Company Magazine is expected to announce a circulation figure of more than 300,000 in the next round of ABC figures in August, according to publisher Nat Mags. The company says the young women's glossy saw a "massive increase in sales" during the first period of this year and anticipates a year-on-year increase of 34% on its total circulation figure of 223,121 (Jan-June 2001). In the last ABCs, Company was one of the top 20 climbers period on period, increasing news stand sales by 20% to 245,689 (Jul-Dec 01) ­ year by year news stand sales were up 1.2% The publication came under pressure when Glamour magazine was launched and responded by dropping its cover price in November to match the Condé Nast title. Both have since raised their cover prices, with Company now selling for £1.80. Nat Mags says editorial changes at Company have been responsible for the increase in sales. Editor Sam Baker said: "Price alone isn't enough to generate the news stand sales success that Company is experiencing ­ readers really have to want to buy it month in, month out. To make sure Company was the best it could be editorially, we went back to basics by concentrating on the things we knew we did best ­ real life exclusives; hard-hitting, relevant, news investigations; affordable, stylish high street fashion; and in-depth health issues. "That, combined with a pacey redesign at the beginning of the year, has contributed to each of the first three issues of the January-June ABC period outselling the previous month. "There was no advertising, no covermounts and no celebrity covers ­ simply word of mouth." Company has also tied up a year's integrated marketing strategy with high street retailer Oasis, including discount promotions, reader events in stores and the magazine being sold in Oasis stores. Group publishing director Justine Southall says: "Company is the hottest magazine on the news stand in 2002 ­ strong sales growth is a tangible demonstration of this." {{CTN }}