Confectionery is teaming up with bakery at the show, a combination that is likely to form a feast for the senses. Anyone looking for confectionery inspiration, from jelly sweets to the finest Belgian chocolates, should be heading in this direction.

Chocolate is the over-riding theme, with new packaging and flavour variations proving there is still innovation left in this traditional indulgent product.

Highlights include a range of chilled chocolates from Belgian company Ovidias, which come in a unique packaging format with a long shelf life. The company claims the chocolates, which are refrigerated and hermetically sealed in a can, taste as if they had been freshly produced.

Feeding Your Imagination is showing a range of six organic chocolate bars featuring essential oils. Developed by Paul DaCosta-Greaves, holder of the Masterchef of Great Britain title, each bar contains a blend of essential oils and spices: Dreamy is lemon and geranium rose; Fantastic contains ginger, black pepper and grapefruit; Lovely is made from peppermint and cardamom; Beautiful contains bergamot and cinnamon; Sensual lists sweet orange, nutmeg and chilli among its ingredients; and Sexy's special extra is chilli.

Giles & Posner unveils fondue chocolates, which contains no vegetable fats or hydrogenated oils and come in small packs which are microwaveable and melt in the bag.

Divine Fairtrade chocolate is showing off its latest addition, a dark chocolate with mint option, as well as a new look. The revamped design builds upon the brand's original gold and black livery but features Ghanaian symbols traditionally used on crafts and fabrics.

Although the confectionery section is concentrated in one area, there are sweet tooth indulgences to be found elsewhere.

The Deliciously Yorkshire pavilion, for example, plays host to Burnt Sugar, which is using the show to introduce an impulse format to its range of crumbly fudge. The 80g cartons contain four pieces of fudge in a matchbox-style pack.

Also in the pavilion is AL Simpkin, which is showing off its range of travel sweets, including new sugar-free and gluten-free options and the Travel Tubz in-car confectionery range.n