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The feedback from our respondents reveals that there has been a renaissance in consumer interest in the past five years, with successful new products matching changing food styles and eating patterns with innovative recipes and formats.
The drive to healthier eating has provided an ongoing dynamic behind the continuing flow of salad dressings. A striking feature of this category is the high correlation between strong appearance and aroma scores and high overall ratings for the product. If the visual and presentation clues are right and it smells good, then it’s usually a winner.
New ingredients are also enhancing the appeal of pickles and relishes, while brands such as Nando’s have bought new tastes to the market and have strong appeal among younger consumers.
But traditional ketchup and sauces have maintained their saliency both through product quality and contemporary packaging formats that minimise mess.
A new variety from a mainstream brand that had broad family appeal. A well-balanced recipe that was chunky but easy to squeeze. Ideal for the barbecue.

An ideal accompaniment to a high-protein diet. Not as thick as standard Heinz ketchup, but one of the most highly rated low-carb products tested. Most popular in the north.

Restaurant-derived taste combinations such as peri peri have strong appeal for under 34s. “Sounds full of flavour” was a typical comment among younger consumers, who awarded it a score of 42.
Get visual and presentation cues right and you are on to a winner
Put to the test: three recent launches (maximum score 50)
Crosse & Blackwell Branston Relish - Tomato & Red Pepper Score: 41 Category average: 34
Heinz Carb Check - Tomato Ketchup Score: 32 Category average: 34
Nando’s Peri Peri Ketchup Score: 42 Category average: 34
Produced for The Grocer by Cambridge Fast Foodfax, an independent standardised new product testing service where a sample of 50 consumers rate new products across 10 key performance measures. Maximum score 50. Details on www.fast-foodfax.com.