Age profile of shellfish consumersnThere were 79 million shellfish meals last year, 3% more than in the previous year
nPrawns account for two thirds of shellfish consumed
nFemales 45+ account for 30% of shellfish consumption
nTwo thirds of shellfish are consumed for enjoymentThe consumption of shellfish is all about enjoymentLunch (29%) and the evening meal (46%) are the key occasions for shellfish consumption, while 59% of shellfish consumption forms part of a main meal. But evening and teatime consumption are also showing growth, particularly teatime, which was up 44% compared with the previous year.
This was due to shellfish being increasingly considered as a “lighter meal”. Shellfish consumed as a light meal is showing 19% growth compared with last year.
Enjoyment is an important driver for consumption, with high consumption levels at the weekend, Saturdays in particular, with 22% consumed on this day. The weekend overall shows growth of 8%.
There is a slight female bias, particularly among those aged over 45. This age group is more likely to be at home in the day, and has more time to prepare and consume shellfish. Females 45+ also over-index on fish in general due to its health connotations.
The other key age groups are the 35-64s who are 22% more likely to eat shellfish than other fish. This is most likely due to their enjoyment of varieties in restaurants and wanting to imitate the meals in their homes, the high cost of shellfish and these consumers’ greater disposable income.
Laura Wilson, TNS
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