When broccoli is eatennBroccoli was eaten on 1.4 billion occasions last year
nConsumption was up by 7% on the previous year
nHalf of all broccoli is consumed for health reasons
nMore than 60% of broccoli is eaten at the evening meal
n30% of all broccoli is eaten on a Sunday Young people are reluctant consumers of broccoli The consumption of broccoli has grown 12% since 2002, with growth of 7% last year.
The over 45s are key to the broccoli market. Females in this age range eat over a quarter of all broccoli, and males a fifth. However, the most significant gains were made among 17 to 24-year-old men: they increased their consumption by 25% in 2005, reaching a 6% share.
The most reluctant broccoli eaters are the 11-16s. Compared with total foods, they under-consume by 20%.
Broccoli accounts for 7.5% of all vegetables eaten. This is up half a per cent on 2004.
Half of total broccoli is eaten as a result of people’s health considerations (up by 10% year on year), compared with 31% for total vegetables.
Currently almost two thirds of broccoli is eaten at the evening meal, up 8% from the previous year. However over 20% of broccoli is still eaten at lunchtime, a figure probably fuelled by older consumers.
Broccoli is a traditional component of the Sunday roast and featured in 420 million Sunday occasions last year. This is over twice as many as the next most popular day, Monday. However, the midweek occasion is also growing in significance. Usage on a Wednesday and Thursday both increased by 13%.
Drummond Richards, TNS
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