>>Key trends in the consumption of fresh trout in the home

n Trout was eaten on 44 million occasions last year, an increase of 12% year-on-year
n Adults aged 45+ account for two thirds of consumption
n Most trout is eaten at the evening meal (70%) and this occasion is in growth by 16%
n Health accounts for 35% of trout occasions

Trout consumption is driven by the time of year. Much more trout is eaten during the spring and summer compared with the rest of the year.
Key occasions for trout consumption are in growth. These are teatime, up 36% on 2004, and the evening meal, up 16%. Friday is the day of the week when most trout is consumed (18%).
Generally, choice of food eaten at evening meals and later in the week is more likely to be motivated by the need for enjoyment, which accounts for more than half of all trout consumption occasions.
Consumers aged 45 and over are most likely to eat trout. This age group is the most likely to be influenced by health credentials and see trout as a good part of a healthy diet.
Health is growing as a driver for the consumption of trout, up 43% year-on-year. As we see demand for healthy products rise, fresh trout is well placed for growth because it is already perceived by consumers as a naturally healthy food.
The most common preparation method for trout is baking in the oven (33% of occasions), followed by grilling (17%) and, perhaps surprisingly, cooking in the microwave (14%).
Cath Willis, TNS Worldpanel

Older consumers enjoy trout as a healthy option