¦ Cucumber was consumed on 1.5 billion occasions last year
¦ Adult females aged over 45 are the core consumers for cucumber, accounting for a quarter of consumption
¦ Health is the key driver for consumption of cucumber, accounting for 54% of occasions
¦ Practicality accounts for a further 26% and enjoyment 20%
Children eat more cucumber as a healthy option
In the latest year on record the consumption of cucumber has decreased by 6% year-on-year. This decline has been largely driven by females aged 45-64, the core consumers of cucumber, who have decreased their consumption by 6%.
Could it be that other, more exotic salad vegetables are appealing to this group at the expense of cucumber?
Interestingly, children aged 6-10 are showing increased levels of cucumber consumption, driven by greater awareness among their parents of healthy eating.
Health is the key driver for the consumption of cucumber. Health is also now the main motivation for 23% of all our consumption occasions, growing year-on-year at a rate of 2.6%. Cucumber is in a strong position in relation to this trend.
Seasonality influences the consumption of cucumber, with the amount eaten rising during the summer.
Lunch and the evening meal are the key occasions for cucumber consumption, each accounting for 35%, However, consumption at the evening meal declined by 8% last year.
Key complementary foods for cucumber are bread and rolls, eaten on 56% of occasions, cheese (27%), cold meats (26%), table sauces (24%) and fresh potatoes (16%).

James Guild, TNS Worldpanel