>>Key trends in the consumption of shellfish in the home

¦ Shellfish was consumed on 255 million occasions last year
¦ Females aged 45+ account for the largest proportion of consumption at 30%
¦ Most shellfish is eaten at the evening meal occasion
¦ Shellfish consumption peaks on a Saturday
¦ 'Favourite' is the key driver for consumption of shellfish

In the latest year on record, the consumption of shellfish is up 6%, driven by older adults eating more for enjoyment.
Consumers aged 45+ are most likely to eat shellfish, with females in this group far more likely to eat it than males. In fact women are more likely than men to eat shellfish in every adult age group.
Key occasions for shellfish consumption are in growth with consumption at evening meals up 8% and at lunch up 5%. Saturday is the most popular day for eating it, fitting the trend towards consuming food at the end of the week for reasons of enjoyment.
The high rate of shellfish consumption at the evening meal, towards the end of the week, coupled with shellfish's luxurious image, also make it more likely to be chosen for a social meal.
Some 63% of shellfish is consumed hot, with 62% prepared from frozen.
In terms of hot preparation, baking is the most common means, while grilling and roasting are showing the strongest growth.
Consumers aged 45+ show a better awareness of healthier eating, which is reflected in these main cooking methods.
But in spite of seafood's generally healthy image, health only figures in 11% of occasions as a motive for eating.
Scott Barlow, TNS Worldpanel

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