Bacardi-Martini has axed its most recent innovation in the RTD sector after less than a year. Ready-to-drink spritzer Coomira Coast has hit the rocks after launching last July with a £2.4m investment.
The 5% abv drink, a combination of Chardonnay, sparkling water and berry flavours, was the first significant new product development to come out of the company since it introduced Bacardi Breezer in 1994.
The addition to Bacardi-Martini’s portfolio was aimed at women who had outgrown mainstream RTD brands and at wine drinkers looking for something “fruitier”.
Coomira Coast was rolled out nationally after an eight-week trial but floundered as it failed to live up to expectations despite a raft of introductory promotions.
A company insider said: “It never achieved the sales that were expected of it in its first few months and it was running at a big loss.”
A senior buyer at a leading multiple said the demise of the brand - one of the first wine-based RTDs to hit the market, ahead of rivals Bliss and Slinky - sent a clear message to suppliers about innovation.
He said: “I don’t think wine-based RTDs will work. Coomira Coast was an interesting idea but it didn’t have much of a wine flavour.”