A throbbing head, nausea, liver damage and other after-effects of hitting the bottle could be a thing of the past, claim the many suppliers behind a spate of new hangover ‘cures’ and alcohol eliminators launched at this year’s Anuga exhibition.
Suppliers of the products, many emerging from eastern Europe, hope they win listings in the UK. But they are bound to incur the wrath of the powerful anti-drink drinking lobby and are also unlikely to go down well with the drinks industry and the government, which has embarked on an anti binge-drinking crusade.
Outox, which won an innovation award, is described as a sparkling soft drink that
helps prevent hangovers as well as being an “accelerating alcohol reducer”.
Another anti-hangover drink, Esccohol, claims to prevent hangovers, accelerate the decomposition of alcohol by the body and replenish boozers with substances such as vitamin C. Marketing manager Vilmus Szilasi said it could be used by drivers who want to reduce the alcohol in their bloodstream, but only worked for a small amount.“We are not saying people should get drunk and drive,” he said.
Even more blatantly named is Alcohol Killer, a product from the Slovak Republic. Its supplier said it was in the process of gaining distribution in the UK.
The product claims to help reduce alcohol levels in the body and help protect the liver.
It contains vitamin C, mineral water, glucan, vitamin B and carbohydrates. Director Ivan Ducko said: “The police in our country are very happy about it because there are so many car accidents.”
Energy drinks and lactose-free milk products were other key innovations in beverages.
Japanese company Ako Kasei was showing what must rank as the oddest innovation for years - desalinated, deep sea water. Amami No Mizu is drawn from the ocean off the Cape of Muroto in the Kochi Prefecture from a depth of 344m. The water is then desalinated, its hardness is ‘adjusted’ and then it is bottled in PET containers. The key benefit? Ako Kasei says its water contains the right balance of magnesium and calcium - with a 3:1 ratio similar to that found in the body. This makes it an ideal drinking water, the company claims.