The first ABC figures since the cover price war began between the Sun and the Daily Mirror show that the Sun is ahead of its former red-top rival.
According to ABC, the Sun's circulation (excluding giveaways and discounted copies) for May was 3,458,803, a 0.42% increase on last year.
Sales of the Daily Mirror have dropped by 0.53% over the same period to 2,128,755. Excluding bulk sales, the title has lost 11,442 sales year-on-year, while the Sun has added 14,581.
The Daily Mirror sparked the price war when it cut its cover price to 20p in May. The Sun quickly slashed its price to match and the Star and the Express joined in, cutting their cover prices in London to 10p and 20p respectively. The move has paid dividends for The Star, which increased sales by 13.36% to 785,601 ­ by far the biggest increase in sales, while sales of the Express were slightly down. The biggest loser in sales in the daily market was the Daily Record, which dropped 4.72% on last year.
The Mirror put its cover price back up to 32p at the start of this month in the North but in London, Meridian, central, the west and south-west regions, the Mirror is still on sale at 20p.
The price cut was part of a major relaunch, in which the Mirror ditched its red-top masthead, reinstated Daily in its title and, and advocated more serious' journalism.
All broadsheet papers lost sales compared with last year. The Financial Times is the biggest loser dropping 2.63% in May compared with May last year.

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