Scottish Courage is bringing out Red Snapper, an energy drink which it claims has "more bite than Bull". The brand marks the brewer s first move into the non alcoholic drinks market. It was launched in the pubs this month and will go on supermarket shelves in April. The pack is a 150ml can instead of the typical 250ml and the brewer said it has as much caffeine and taurine as other energy drinks in larger packs. Rsp: 59p. Marketing director Brian Sharp said: "It has been specifically developed as a one serve mixer, although many people will drink it on its own. "The smaller can size will enable retailers to use the dead space created by having 250ml cans on shelves designed for 330ml bottles." Red Snapper's target market will be 14 to 34 year olds ­ 25% of the population. {{MARKETING - P&P }}