Depressing misuse of the Union Jack

Jane E Conder Chairman, Ladies in Pigs

Sir; I thought I knew my labels, but your little quiz showed me otherwise ('Think you know your labels?', The Grocer, 18 August, p28). Two labels in particular surprised me, to say the least: the GB Flag and the Quality Standard mark for bacon. Your answer to the British flag was that it stands for Made in Britain. I wish that were correct. In fact products are still being imported, repackaged or processed in some way and then having the British flag stuck on the packaging and called British. The Quality Standard mark complies with British standards, true, but it is also British from conception to consumption, which is not always the case with the British flag. If another country can fulfil all the criteria, it can use the QSM but with its own flag underneath. We in the pig industry are working our socks off to promote British, and it is extremely depressing that you make the same mistakes as the general public.