Dylon is continuing its drive into the laundry market with its first product launch for almost two years. Its new Fabric Care Super-White Tablets also takes the company into a competitive laundry market dominated by the likes of Lever Fabergé and Procter & Gamble. Best known for do-it-yourself home-dye kits, Dylon said it was now actively looking to "tackle the big brands" at the top of the specialist whitener market. The company has identified Acdo Glow White super whitener sachets as its main competitor, while it also hopes to "kickstart" the declining sector. Figures from AC Nielsen show the specialist whitening market currently only accounts for 6% of a £42m laundry aid market which excludes normal detergents. Dylon said its bleach-free Super-White Tablets, which were rolled out in Sainsbury's this week at an rsp of £1.85 for six tablets, were designed for both machine and hand washing. The company said it was currently in negotiations with the other major multiples while the tablets will go into cash-and-carries from August 6. Spends of £100,000 on advertorials in the women's press and £10,000 on radio adverts have been planned and the new product will also head up rebranding activity for Dylon's existing portfolio of specialist fabric care products such as its Colour Safe colour-run remover. Mala Patel, senior product manager for Dylon, said: "We are confident that Super-White Tablets will breathe new life into the whitener market, while helping our trade partners grow sales and increase their profits." {{MARKETING - P&P }}