Partwork publisher Eaglemoss has a raft of launches planned in the next two months. The Country Bird Collection combines a 16-page magazine with hand-painted model birds and launches in the south of England on February 13. Part one will be discounted at £2.99; part two will be £4.99 and the regular price will be £5.99. The target market is adults aged 45-plus, predominantly women. Launching nationally and in Eire on the same date is Discover the World with Barbie. Sally Edwards, UK marketing manager at Eaglemoss explains: "Discover the World with Barbie is a collection of hand finished Barbie outfits that she might wear if she were in that particular country. The 16-page magazine follows the experiences of Barbie in a different country each issue." Part one of the partwork is discounted at £2.99; part two is £3.99 and the regular price is £4.99. March also sees two launches. The Crystal Collection is a collection of crystal figures that come with a 16-page magazine with display tips and information. It launches in the north of England and Eire on March 13 with a launch price of £1.99 (part two, £3.99 and the regular price, £4.99). Finally, Cross Stitch Magic, a 20-page magazine, launches semi-nationally on March 20 with the discounted part one (£1.99). The regular price will be £2.99. Distributor for Eaglemoss is Comag. {{CTN }}