Elizabeth Shaw is bringing out a raft of new products and giving its posh range of chocolates a packaging overhaul to shake off its "twee and dusty" image.

The activity will be supported by a £4m marketing push and is the company's largest annual spend in 20 years. It includes a new corporate design aimed at bringing greater consistency across the brand.

Additions to its portfolio will include chocolate selections under the names of: Liqueur Truffles, available in flavours of amaretto and cointreau; Origins; Clusters and Café Liqueur. A 175g mint selection box is also being introduced.

"Research showed that the brand was perceived as a bit twee and dusty and in need of modernisation, which is what we have done with the repackaging.

"The NPD is tapping into the trends for sharing and indulgence," said marketing director Paul Chmielewski, who predicted sales, which have been stale in recent years, would increase from £12m to £30m over the next four years on the back of the activity.

The portfolio additions were also designed to help Elizabeth Shaw meet a consumer desire for lighter and healthier chocolate treats, through its Clusters products.

The Clusters range comprises a combination of real fruit pieces, cereal and chocolate, in two varieties: Chocolate Clusters with cranberry; and Dark Chocolate Clusters with orange, priced at £3.29 per 150g bag.

The company's Vodka Schocks line, launched five years ago, has also received a makeover, with edgier packaging and new flavours. A 195g pack contains plain chilli, a lemon & chilli and a cranberry & chilli variant, each with an rsp of £5.49.

Marketing activity, including TV and press ads, will kick off in the autumn to coincide with the roll-out of the NPD.