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A dinner party with home-prepared fresh organic pizza on the menu spelled the beginning for What on Earth, which claims to be the UK’s first organic pizza company. Two former classic car dealers Jeremy Jaffe and Rolf de Polla came up with the idea in 1998 after experiencing “the best supper” they had ever had.
The company has since positioned itself to appeal to a growing breed of consumers who “seek out organic food but would rather they didn’t have to clean the mud off before eating it”.
With its range currently listed in Fresh and Wild, Planet Organic and Harvey Nichols as well as a number of independent organic and health food stores, the duo are keen to increase listings to include the multiple supermarkets. “Our challenge for 2004 is to supply to a select number of supermarket branches in and around London,” says founder and director Jaffe.
“As the first organic pizza supplier in the UK, we have a unique position and feel the brand has massive potential - that’s what we want to tap into this year.”
As well as pizzas, What On Earth supplies a variety of ready meals and soups for the foodservice sector. Currently, 70% of sales are retail, with the rest snapped up by restaurants.
The company, which posted turnover in the region of £1m for 2002/3, started the new year with a burst of rebranding and marketing activity including new packaging for its range of 7” and 12” pizzas.n Product:
What on Earth pizzas
What on Earth
n Launch date: January 2004