Sir; An article commenting on the low price of UK pigmeat, in The Grocer, September 1 (p23), says: "The supply/ price relationship is perverse". This is because of foot and mouth. No pigmeat can be exported and buyers know pigs have to be moved no matter what the price is. I have never known prices to vary so little for so long. In your August 25 edition Dr John Strak warns of UK contraction (p23) but underestimates it. Diseases and low pig prices are taking their toll. Due to FMD, pig farmers are trapped in business. There is no way anyone can cease production, either finally, or to restock to get rid of diseases. A neighbour is planning to reduce his herd by over a thousand sows as soon as possible for disease reasons leaving him with only 300 on an isolated site. Another is cutting 600 sows from 1,200, again as soon as possible. I may quit completely as there is little profit or satisfaction to be had. And an article in the August 18 edition (p20) states the British Pig Executive is planning a strategy to reduce pig production costs by 15p per kg in four years. But there is no chance of me reducing production costs as they are pared to the bone already and I am facing a feed price increase of £10 per tonne. As to the prospect of renewed picketing mentioned in the same article, there will not be enough pig farmers left to be effective. Once foot and mouth is over there will be a mass exodus of pig farmers. Fred Henley Green Farm Southfield Lane Seaton Ross, York {{LETTERS }}