Ferrero plans to focus consumers' attention on St Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Easter during the spring with TV advertising for its Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Surprise brands, and new seasonal packs and display material. A seasonal Giraffe Squad series containing novelties with a sports theme joins the Kinder Surprise portfolio in January. There's also a new collectible skyscraper' six-pack. The brand gets a new £1m ad campaign in the run up to Easter featuring the animated 3D adventures of the Giraffe Squad. It is also supported by ongoing promotions with pop and Steps and the National Theatre. A heart shaped 200g Ferrero Rocher gift pack (rsp £3.99) will make its debut for Valentine's Day along with new display stands. "Smaller retailers can benefit from boxed chocolates during gifting periods, as they tend to take up less space," said a Ferrero spokesman. {{P&P }}