Bref WC Active-Foam is one of a new breed of foam toilet cleaners, said to spread easily to hard-to-reach areas for sparkling results. We asked an expert Pauline Litchfield is a receptionist and part time cleaner from Crawley Toilet cleaning is a big part of my job. I clean 12 every weekday and that's not including the ones at home. I always use bleach ­ you can't get more cleaning power than that ­ but I use a liquid spray as well on the rim and seat. You can't use bleach there as it might stain the carpet. Both of these products do the job. The idea of the Bref WC Active Foam is that it clings longer and cleans powerfully with the power of citric acid, even under the rim. It's also supposed to be easy to use. Hmmm.... It has to be sprayed on and left for 10 minutes and this time factor is a problem. Once I've started a toilet I like to be able to get it done all at once and I found it frustrating to have to go back. I also found the can difficult to use. It's quite large and I found I had to hold it in one hand and spray with the other. I think older people in particular, would have problems. However, the foam did the job and covered the whole bowl (liquid can dribble down in streaks if you don't flush first ­ it clings better to a wet surface) and it clung well. It did a particularly well on the men's urinal, leaving the plughole extra shiny. Being foam though, it still had to be cleaned off above the flush line. The smell is extremely nice ­ the best thing about the product. It was more like eau-de-cologne; very "untoilet-like". I have to say though that I prefer the old fashioned, tried and tested combination of bleach and liquid. I think this and other products like it are really just gimmicks; they don't do anything new. But then again, maybe I know too much about toilets. {{MARKETING - P&P }}