Unilever's Vaporesse ­ which is poured into a steam iron ­ offers reluctant ironers' a way to make life easier. Our guinea pig takes up the challenge. Paul Soanes is joint managing director of brand experience agency iD The reason why I retired from ironing nearly nine years ago (graduation day) is that it is clunky, old-fashioned and involves too much cumbersome kit. Ironing is crying out for innovation. With this in mind, I bounded home from work with my Vaporesse, convinced that any product which makes ironing more of an experience would be a good thing. In fact, when I ironed a shirt using the product (partner watching in disbelief occasionally taking photos and phoning my mother), it seemed to make ironing a bit easier. However, would Vaporesse infuse long lasting freshness into clothes' as promised on the packaging? Well, the shirt I ironed smelled really good ­ I think they call it clothes-line fresh' ­ but wasn't too overpowering. The secondary product benefit is that it contains no limescale. As all men know, there is a rule for mornings of Very Important Work Days ­ firstly, you will cut your face shaving, and secondly, the iron will spit a whole year's worth of limescale onto your best meeting shirt. This feature of Vaporesse is a great secondary sell. The packaging really works ­ a contoured clear bottle which is similar in shape to some of Comfort's existing fabric care range. Clever use of colourful spring flower graphics on the reverse of the back label creates a 3D effect which should provide strong cut-through and presence in the aisles. When I was asked to write this review, I was worried that I wouldn't get' this product. However, having used it, I think Lever has been canny to spot and then fill this gap in the market. My only comment would be that it needs to push the No Limescale' benefit more ­ certainly in the area where I live. On a final note, like most new brands that I come across through my work, I like to try and guess the price first ­ price is a key hurdle for consumer trial. I guessed at £1.39 and was pleasantly surprised to find that it's actually priced at £1.19. It's still probably not enough to get me ironing regularly, though. {{MARKETING - P&P }}