Lever Fabergé has aimed its new Impulse antiperspirants and wipes directly at teenage girls. Our volunteers assess whether or not they hit the mark. Charlotte, Alex, Lily and Anna are all 13 and are just finishing Year 8 at Rosbury School, Epsom Our school is quite big so we rush around a lot between lessons during the day. We also go to after school clubs like rounders. Three of us have tried Impulse Body Sprays before and really like them. Fresco, Sci, Solar, O2 and Temptation are favourites. They're good everyday smells. We've all also used antiperspirants before ­ usually Dove, Secret or Soft and Gentle. As we get older we are conscious of how we look and smell. The idea of having antiperspirant aimed specially at us is good, though. After all, teenage girls perspire differently from women and we don't necessarily want to use the same product as our mums. Everyone agreed that the packaging is attractive. It is bright and the colours are fresh and pretty. The products seem aimed at teenagers. We all used the antiperspirants everyday in the mornings and then again after PE. We generally agreed that they were OK, with Lily saying she would definitely buy the roll-on again. Charlotte said she preferred Dove because of its stick format. We were all really impressed by the Wipes, though, as these are a great idea. They are easy to carry around in your school bag or a handbag and they are brilliant for wiping your neck and arms to freshen up ­ after playing sport or on the bus on the way home. You can even put them down your bra to smell extra nice all day! All of us would buy them again. Alex said she'd buy everything again. Over all we think the products were good; they felt right for our age group and we like most of the smells. Anna said she might prefer something a bit more sophisticated for parties and other special occasions ­ maybe if there were perfume sprays in the range? {{MARKETING - P&P }}