My Dad reckons he can always get our attention with fizzy drinks and we don't like to disappoint him now he's getting old. So it wasn't hard to persuade us to give these party drinks a try. The important testers are me ­ Scott, 10 and my cousins Jonathan, 12, and Ashley, 10, but Dad says we have to let my sister Cara, 8, her friend Jessica, 8, and Lewis, 4, from next door have a go too. We all agree that the bottles look brill ­ really neat. They'd look great at a party, and they've got corks that pop ­ all grown up like the champagne Dad opens at Christmas. Lewis isn't really bothered about them but he's probably a bit too young. They're more for the 10-13 age group, I think. Cara and Jess like the teddy bear design best, and Cara wants to try the Scooby Doo version, but we prefer the Dinosaur bottle ­ it's really cool. The taste's quite nice ­ like fruity lemonade, but I like cola better. Overall, the look of the bottles made us feel grown up and special and we'd probably try and talk Mum into buying them for special occasions. She says that at £1.99 for a 75cl bottle, they're a bit expensive and with lots of friends at a party, they wouldn't last very long. Anyway, she says we'd be just as happy with own label cola. But she did say she might buy a bottle or two for New Year or Christmas when she and Dad are having champagne. Dad says it's good the drinks have no caffeine, whatever that means. He says we won't get as high as kites like when we've had too much cola. I'm not sure what he means, though ­ my kite broke last year and it doesn't even get off the ground now. {{P&P }}