What do my kids eat on Sunday morning? To be honest, we are usually not in much of a state to control it. It's an arrangement that has suited everyone very well until now. The disciplined weekday diet gives way to a free-for-all fast-breaking of crisps, chocolate, cold Chinese from the night before ­ in fact anything, as long as our three angels stay downstairs and stay quiet. Wall's has just ruined it ­ for the kids at least. Now, not only can we order our eldest to cook up a three dimensional breakfast for his younger sisters, he can also get his parents just the sort of breakfast they need after the typical night before. Wall's Instants are full size pork sausages which one simply microwaves, but before you build the inevitable mental image of pink, limp and totally unappetising microwaved bangers let me tell you, Wall's has got it spot on. These porkers come ready cooked and browned ­ good enough for a picnic straight from the pack but much better hot. Arrange them in a symetrical pattern on a plate and bang them in the microwave and what pops out a minute or so later is really very good ­ great for a hot sausage sandwich, and you wouldn't really know that it hadn't been grilled. No, they aren't gourmet standard and don't claim to be, but neither are they motorway service station. The point that Wall's has clearly understood is that, even if like us you love sausages, you probably don't do' them often because of the mess, smell or hassle of cooking them. Conclusion: even our rather nobby' friends who popped round to sample Wall's Instants were immediate converts, adults and kids alike. Tom said they were the best sausages he'd had ­ "not greasy like mum's. And Katie praised the lack of burnt bits. If Walls is aiming to spend loads above the line, we would say ­ don't. Just get people to trial the product. If they do, they'll buy it. Martin McInnes is md of Bedford brand development agency 5 Communication. Son Tom, 10, and daughters Katie, 7, and Anna, 3, did the work. {{P&P }}