Katy Noon is a communications officer for Manchester Social Services When I was asked to try a new range of Wella hair products two contrasting images came to mind. The first ­ 'seventies home perms. The second ­ the trendy colour ranges my hairdresser uses. With these polar opposites in my head, I didn't know what to expect. My first impression of the Vivality range was favourable. The packaging is simple but appealing. The bright orangey-yellow is eyecatching and would certainly have drawn my attention on shelf. I was surprised to see that the shampoo pack size was larger than the conditioner (250 ml v 200 ml) as, with long hair, I use twice as much conditioner by volume as shampoo. Even interspersed with regular treatments, I'd have to buy far more bottles of conditioner. I wash my hair most days and usually use a combination of products by Pantene, Nicky Clarke and TiGi. I use styling products designed for curly hair. My long hair can get very dry at the ends and, if I don't keep an eye on it, I find myself with a head of frizz instead of curl. I also have my roots tinted regularly to hide the creeping grey. I was advised to try Vivality Colour Shine and Care shampoo and conditioner and Intensive Colour Shine and Care mask. I found the products pleasant to use as the bottles are easy to handle and the products smell nice. The shampoo cleanses thoroughly and the conditioner and treatment rinse out easily. I have to say, though, that I think my hair could really do with a richer shampoo and a heavier conditioner designed for dry hair, but, to be fair, the recommendations were given over the phone and e-mail, without anyone actually seeing my hair. Apparently the range includes 15 products, so I expect that there are others that would suit my hair type better. Although I won't be running to buy the Vivality range regularly, this is mainly because I am pretty happy with my usual products. I could see myself buying the products occasionally as they seem good value for money. {{MARKETING - P&P }}