Procter & Gamble is extending its Flash brand into the dust-busting home cleaning market with the launch of the “ultimate” duster.
The Flash Dustmaster is made up of thousands of fibres, which the company claims grab dust particles rather than pushing them around.
P& G plans to support the new product with instore activity from next month and a new television campaign, scheduled for June,as part of a £4m spend.
Trade marketing manager Jolyon Hennings said the product, which makes its debut next week priced at £2.79, would appeal to a wide audience.
He added: “The Dustmaster is an exciting opportunity for the Flash brand.”
Flash’s latest addition adds to Procter & Gamble’s overall vision to extend the brand well beyond its traditional heartland of bottled cleaning fluids.
The company is currently backing the arrival of its Flash Power Mop with a major TV ad campaign.