Munching on the move, grab'n'go, dashboard dining, deskfast - whatever you call it, consumer demand for convenient out-of-home snacks continues to grow.

According to a survey of visitors to the previous IFE, in 2005, a whopping 6,587 of them attended specifically to source convenience lines.

This time round, show organisers have added a dedicated Food On The Move section for innovative products, and 19 exhibitors have opted to make this their primary platform. The line-up features ingredients, concepts and products aimed at fulfilling demand for convenient options.

Some manage to combine convenience with other key market trends, such as health and indulgence.

In the former category there is the innovative Corn In Cup portable sweetcorn snack from the Alfi Group.

Bramley apple specialists Davison's Total Fruit is launching a range of

fruit-based healthy snack pot compôtes that have a plastic spoon in the lid.

Sun Valley will have much of its portfolio on display, with highlights including the new Just fruit snack range, which aims to encourage healthy snacking. Two products from this range have already been granted licence to use the Department of Health's 5-a-day Just Eat More fruit and veg logo on pack. The company is also showing off the You Are What You Eat range. This includes the 40g snack pack targeted at snackers on the move and school lunchboxes, which was launched last year. It will also feature Pretz low fat pretzels in Worcester Sauce and Sour Cream & Onion flavours. These have less than half the fat of standard crisps, low sodium levels and 125 calories per pack.

The other big consumer trend - indulgence - is not ignored either.

Antonelli Bros is introducing the patented ChocAmoré concept - a portion of molten chocolate served in a cone. The initial package includes a bain marie, stands for serving and dispensing and point-of-sale material, as well as chocolate, cones, sleeves, a scoop and a spatula.