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Procter & Gamble revolutionised the floor cleaners market in the late 1990s with the Swiffer sweeper/mop system, and a new development in the US looks set to do the same for toilet cleaning.
Reckitt Benckiser has used its Lysol cleaners brand for the launch of Ready Brush, a “toilet cleaning system”. The product comprises a toilet brush, an aerosol can of foaming toilet bowl cleaner and a brush holder, all in one.
The brush head locks into the body of the brush and the aerosol can is inserted upside-down into the body. The user shakes the product prior to use, then dispenses the cleaner on to the brush head by sliding a safety button forward and squeezing a trigger device on the brush. The process is then simple - brush, flush, rinse and store in the ‘caddy’ provided.
The product is said to deliver a powerful, thick foam that clings to the bowl, is easily dispensed, and facilitates cleaning under the rim and around the bowl. It also deodorises and leaves a fresh, clean scent. The device sells for around $9.50 (£5.90), and refill cans are sold separately.
A couple of similar, but less sophisticated products, have also appeared in the last month in the US. Prestige Brands has introduced Clean and Flush Flushable Toilet Cleaning System under the Comet brand. This system uses a snap-on brush head infused with cleaner, which is released into the bowl and flushed away after use. It retails at around $8 (£5).n Company: Reckitt Benckiser
n Product: Ready Brush
nCountry of origin: US