Mary Carmichael Frozen pastry specialist Freshbake Foods is to make its TV ad debut next March with a £4m campaign. The move is part of a concerted bid to boost the profile of the Freshbake brand, which was relaunched earlier this year following a management buyout of the company from American foods giant Vlasic. A spokeswoman said Freshbake ­ the country's largest manufacturer of frozen pies, pasties, slices, sausages and sausage rolls ­ had offloaded some of the other Vlasic ranges such as pickles to focus on its core products. "We want to give the brand a strong identity in the public's eye," she said. "We produce own label products for most of the major supermarkets, but many people are not aware of the brand." The TV campaign, which will be backed up with PR, will consist of two ads, one covering the brand as a whole and one featuring a new range due to be unveiled early in the New Year. Storylines have yet to be finalised. Both ads will be screened nationwide on ITV, Channel 4 and satellite channels. {{P&P }}