The Foods Standards Agency is consulting on a report which contains recommendations to help prevent unfit meat entering the food chain.

The FSA is seeking comment on the report written as part of its seven point action plan to prevent waste food from being illegally diverted into the food chain.

The FSA has warned that urgent measures need to be taken to prevent the spread of contaminated products.

In its report the FSA said some legitimate businesses may have been lax in stamping on food fraud. This has resulted in “diseased and contaminated food” going on sale and the public being exposed to eating unfit meat.

Andrew Hopkin, chair of the Waste Food Task Force, which was set up by the FSA in December but works independently, said: “It is vital to the UK food industry that consumers have confidence in the quality, wholesomeness and safety of the food they eat.”

The report was welcomed by the Food and Drink Federation. Deputy director general Martin Paterson said: “There is absolutely no place for any ingredient condemned as unfit for human consumption in our food.

“Many manufacturers have already reviewed internal procedures and procurement practices to minimise their chances of being duped but we welcome the report’s recommendations to deter this criminal behaviour.”