A heart health drink that naturally thins blood and which could help prevent heart attacks and strokes is being heralded by its maker as the next big thing in functional drinks.
Sirco is the first functional drink on the market that benefits blood flow through the addition of a bioactive extract taken from ripe tomatoes called Fruitflow.
According to manufacturer Provexis, Fruitflow works by keeping blood platelets in a normal ‘smooth’ state, preventing them from clumping to form clots inside blood vessels.
The drink, which carries
the claim that it maintains a healthy heart and benefits circulation, is being launched in January next year in one-litre cartons (rsp: £2.19) distributed by Gerber Foods. It carries on-pack endorsement from health charity Heart UK.
Rather than being dairy-based such as cholesterol and blood-pressure lowering products, the drink comes in two fruit flavours - blueberry & apple and orange - and will be sited in the chillers next to brands such as Tropicana. One carton contains four servings and Provexis intends to launch single-serve 250ml bottles later in the year.
Fiona Vigar, marketing manager, said the drinks were being launched into the juice category to boost its healthy identity. She said the market for heart health drinks would overtake that of probiotics by 2009 as consumers became more aware of the benefits of heart friendly products.
She added that because the drink contained a natural ingredient, consumers would be willing to try it. “People are getting more sceptical about new health claims, but because the extract is from something natural it is non threatening.”
A £2m press campaign targeting women’s consumer titles supports the launch, targeting people over aged 40.
Highland Spring is hitting the road this Christmas with a fleet media design that will draw attention to the brand along British highways. The snowflake design will feature on the side of distribution vehicles delivering the product and ties in with its limited edition snowflake packaging which it has introduced across its portfolio throughout the festive period. Trucks carry the design until the new year.
Stefan Chomka