The food industry&'s multimillion-pound challenge
to the Food Standards Agency&'s traffic light labelling scheme will go live in September.
The TV, radio and press campaign - first revealed by The Grocer (11 February, p4) - will explain why the companies behind the scheme believe their front-of-pack guideline daily amount labels offer a better alternative to traffic lights.
The drive will feature products from the founding companies, Kraft, Kellogg, Nestlé, PepsiCo and Danone, as well as Unilever and Campbell Soup Company, which joined up later.
Ben Clarke, Kraft vice president and area director for UK and Ireland, told The Grocer the campaign could still feature other companies which wanted to join the cause and contribute to the advertising fund.
The FSA announced in March it had chosen a multiple traffic light approach to front-of-pack labelling as opposed to using guideline daily amounts, which it said were confusing to consu­mers. However, parts of the industry were concerned that using red lights for fat and salt on a product such as cheese could demonise it in the minds of consumers, even though it offers other benefits, such as calcium.
Clarke said: &"The system is clear and simple but also incentivises companies to make products healthy.&"
The campaign will still come under the auspices of the Food and Drink Federation but, according to Clarke, it will only feature the products of those companies stumping up cash.
Clarke described the
companies&' collaboration as incredible. &"It&'s usually fists for every pound of coffee sales versus Nestlé. But we&'re working together for the benefit of the industry.&"
The group has made one concession to the FSA, taking on its recommendation to use a neutral single-colour scheme as opposed to the shades of pastel used by Tesco, on which the group&'s labelling has been based.
Healthy innovation at the heart of Kraft, page 31
Rachel Barnes