Resistance to GM foods in Britain is weakening according to an NOP national survey. The study found that the percentage of the population that believes GM food is unsafe has dropped from 30% to 20% over the past 12 months. And two-thirds of the 999 people surveyed said they did not feel they knew enough to make an informed decision on GM. Almost half ­ 48% ­ of respondents said they would eat GM food while 44% would not. Professor Vivan Moses, chairman of the CropGen panel which commissioned the survey, published on Wednesday, said: "This reveals the changing attitudes of the public as the potential of genetically modified crops is recognised. "With 69% of people saying they are not informed enough to make a clear judgement on the benefits and risks of GM crops, there is a clear demand for information." The multiples did not respond to the survey's findings but Asda, Sainsbury and Safeway reiterated their policies of striving towards GM-free products. {{NEWS }}