Ginsters has become the UK's first food processor to sign up to use a biogas green energy plant at Holsworthy, Devon.
Holsworthy Biogas will collect its food waste, previously sent to landfill, from its Callington factory in Cornwall. The waste will be mixed with animal manure from local farms, and pasteurised to kill all pathogens and weed seeds. Anaerobic digestion will then produce a methane-rich biogas and a bio-fertiliser, which will be delivered back to the participating farmers.
Meanwhile, the biogas will be used to generate electricity, which will be fed into the national grid, and heat for use in a district heating scheme.
Charles Clarke, MD of Holsworthy Biogas, said: "We hope that other key producers in the food industry will follow Ginsters' lead in this project, the first of its kind in this country."

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